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100% Original Thailand LGluta_Armoni泰国正品谷胱甘肽丸 越吃越白 快速增白 适合黑皮肤红黑印皮肤

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L-gluta Armoni [L - 谷胱甘肽]维生素加速美白丸 
对于许多白人服用补品的人看不到结果。 (尝试 
L-gluta Armoni的特点。 
 - 帮助增加谷胱甘肽成分,增加全身美白
  - 保持皮肤健康 - 保持皮肤光滑和粉红色。 
 - 改善皮肤色素沉着,照射太阳也不容易敏感变黑。 
 - 恢复黑眼圈。 
 - 减少痤疮引起的色素沉着,发红,美白红黑印。 

  L-gluta Armoni。 
  - Acerola樱桃=改善红黑印痤疮的皮肤。 
  - 西红柿,白色= - Q10 =增加全身皮肤柔白。 
  - 松树皮=保持皮肤弹性不松弛。 
 - 石榴紧肤。 
 - 种子=减少眼睛下方的黑眼圈。 
 - 维生素C 10型=防晒,阳光照射也不会变黑。 
 - 谷胱甘肽从硬白芦笋转移=抗老美白性。 
[如何吃L-gluta Armoni:] 
合法认证 10-1-01057-1-0012 

Shining L-gluta Armoni L - glutathione, vitamin accelerate Monica R. White. 

Vitamin C is 10 times better. Shining L-gluta Armoni L - glutathione Monica's first 

brand that focuses on the body's glutathione itself. Asparagus extract 

There are very high in vitamin C. For people who do not like eating fruits and


For people who take supplements for many whites do not see results. (To try) to 

eat with collagen. Or glutathione which live. The result is faster, better.

 Features of the Shining L-gluta Armoni. 

- Helps the body's glutathione itself. Then absorbed into practice

 - Keeps the skin healthy - Keeps the skin smooth and pink.

- The skin pigmentation is not easy, not sensitive to the sun. 

- Restores dark eye, not shabby. 

- Reduce hyperpigmentation, redness caused by acne. 

 👑L Gluta armoni 👑 

  Speeding white 1 CAPSULE  equivalent 

 Acerola cherry = 16, 

Tomatoes = 5, 

Pomegranate = 6   

Better Vitamin-C  10 times 1.

 Acerola Cherry : Help your skin to white more longer and continue. Allergy Relieve. 

2. Tomato Extract : Protect your skin from sunlight.Recovery skin to White&Pink shade color. 

3. Q10 : Help your heart working to more stronger. Increase body energy. Reduce wrinkle.

 4. Pine Bark : Reduce freckles, dark spots. 

5. Pomegranate : Recovery skin to more younger and brightening skin. 

6. Grape Seed : Protect damaged collagen.Increase skin to white. 

7. Vitamin C : Brightening & Whitening Skin. Maintain skin care and more smoother. 

8. Active Glutathione : Increase natural whitening & Brightening of your skin.

 Registration No  :  10-1-01057-1-0012

 How to Use :Takes 1-2 tables morning and bed daily.