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MAVELLOUS XLITE正品 强效燃烧脂肪成营养粉 绿咖啡豆,藤黄果,左旋肉碱,纤维素 阻止吸收脂肪减少食欲燃烧脂肪

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PhytoCellTech Stem(tecknologi Firosel SelStem)是一种拥有高科技提取技术和减肥剂量的最佳效果的联合技术,可协同工作,100%天然,安全和有效的体重管理。我们的日常饮食中含有大量食物高碳水化合物,糖和富含脂肪。过量的碳水化合物会导致血糖水平升高,然后转化为脂肪。更糟糕的是,这些积聚的脂肪会导致体重增加,当一个人不太活跃或不太可能运动时。 MaVellous Xlite是一种HALANG&BAKAR配方,可以有效帮助减肥

•一包加150毫升水•早餐后每天服用。 •1罐有12包

增加新陈代谢 排毒 

👉 PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica 
👉 Green Coffee Extract 
👉 White Kidney Bean 
👉 Wheatgrass 
👉 Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) Garcinia Cambogia 


PhytoCellTech Stem (tecknologi Firosel SelStem) is a joint-ownership technology with high-tech extraction technology and slimming doses with optimum effect that works synergistically, for 100% natural, safe and effective weight management. Our daily diet contains lots of food high carbohydrates, sugars and rich in fat. Excess carbohydrates will cause blood sugar levels to rise and then be converted into fat. Even worse, these accumulated fats will lead to weight gain when a person is less active or rarely exercises. MaVellous Xlite is a HALANG & BAKAR formula that proves effective in helping to lose weight

Increases metabolism 

Detoxify Prevents carbohydrate absorption 

Reduces appetite 

Embrace the excretion of water 

Promotes lean muscle formation 

Thrush & beautify skin 

Slow down the aging process 

Burn fat

ImproveOverall health

energy booster 

• Mix one pack with 150ml of water 
• Take daily after breakfast. 
• 1 jar has 12 packages for 2 weeks