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STRONG V facial mask✨100G
强效一次瘦+提升+去皱! 瘦脸针面膜! 成分含有洋甘菊 适合敏感性皮肤

使用方法:洁脸后,敷脸15分钟,20-30分钟效果更好 ,一星期2-3次。清水洗掉面膜,拍打toner .


1⃣️BABY FAT 2⃣️双下巴 3⃣️法令纹 4⃣️脖颈纹 除了塑形 还可以紧致收敛毛孔⭐️ 

 ❤️祛婴儿肥/水肿/双下巴/提升美化下颚线 ❤️祛皱、淡化皱纹 ❤️提拉紧致肌肤 

❤️补充胶原蛋白、恢复弹性 ❤️细致皮肤

❤️ baby fat / edema / double chin
Wrinkle, fade wrinkles
❤️ Lifting firming skin
❤️Add collagen and restore elasticity
❤️ fine skin 

* 100% authentic * 100 gram * Free spatula * Last for 2 months with an average usage of 30-35 times.

 ✔ Effectively replenish facial collagen ✔ Shape Facial Contours and lift your face ✔ Shrink pores and increase skin elasticity ✔ Low Cost Low Maintenance ✔RESULTS PROVEN IN LESS THAN 7 DAYS! 

Ingredients: purified water, glycerin, amylopectin, corn starch, acrylamide, sodium acrylate copolymer, collagen, chamomile extract, sodium hyaluronate, EDTA-2NA, dextran, methylisothiazide. 

Usage: after cleansing ,put on mask 20-30 minutes ,wash off,1 week 2-3 times